Similarities Between The Beatles and Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd and the Beatles had more in common then they’re often credited. Both bands members were raised in the United Kingdom. The original framework for “The Beatles” was conspired by the best friends, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Likewise, “Pink Floyd” was created by best friends Nick Mason and Roger Waters. By the same token, both bands were founded while the members received their education. World War II was a pin point in each of the band members lives, if not directly affecting them, then they were affected through their parents. Ironically, the two bands were also branded for the sixties, largely the Beatles who were believed to be an instrument, attempted to be used for ending the Vietnam War. As musicians often feel pressured…show more content…
This was the least of the confusion, the two bands matters were in original instrument choice among the members, music style, the band members themselves, and at last the band names. Coincidentally, both bands lost a member who motivated the group; Stuart Sutcliffe for the Beatles, and Syd Barrett mentally handicapped before Pink Floyd’s success. The most common factor for the two United Kingdom, sixties era bands is that they both succeeded. With so many coincidences, the bands also have their contrasting factors. The Beatles on one hand were largely public, acquiring names such as the Quarry Men, instead Pink Floyd was underground and frolicked with names like T-Set or Abdabs. Large differences between the two bands are their rises in popularity. For Pink Floyd’s underground scene, they were not at the peak of their popularity in America until the early seventies; The Beatles were into the Pop Culture which gave them leeway to high popularity. The war and Counterculture provided the Beatles a great opportunity to experiment with their music, while Pink Floyd changed largely because Barrett wanted to try mystique music which suited the culture a smidge better than the blues. Because the controversial rises of fame, the bands trademark movies were created in totally different generations; “Yellow Submarine” was released in 1968, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was released in 1982. This presents why their strikingly similar reputations
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