Similarities Between The Crucible Vs. Witches In Colonial America

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The Crucible vs. Witches in Colonial America (option 2) The Crucible and real life event are similar, though the play is not entirely accurate in comparison to what really happened during the Salem Witch Trials. For the purpose of keeping an audience engaged in what might not be the most interesting topic to some people, Arthur Miller changes quite a few details in his literary piece. Many of the changes he makes to the story of The Crucible are very important because they change the story dramatically. The ratio of factual to non-factual information in the story is about 1:1 an even ratio. About 50% of what is in the book actually took place in history during The Salem Witch Trials. The names, ages and occupations of the characters in the book were changed for the sake of the story. Though some of the information had to be somewhat made up because in some situations, there was no concrete evidence in order to prove the truth. Arthur Miller addresses this at the beginning of his novel The Crucible by saying “This play is not history in the sense in which the word is used by the academic historian” (2). And then later on again by saying “As for the characters of the persons, little is known about most of them…They may therefore be taken as creations of my own drawn to the best of my ability” (Miller 2). In The Crucible, Abigail Williams and John Proctor are said to have an affair with one another. And like Budick says in his critical essay of the book, “The major

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