Similarities Between The French Revolution And European Enlightenment

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The French Revolution and the European Enlightenment were some of the most historically impactful events in the Western world. While these occurrences took place in vastly different time periods, their motivations had notable similarities. At the end of the day, the thoughts during the enlightenment were extremely consistent and comparable with the thought process that unfolded throughout the French Revolution despite the course of actions being significantly different. Without the progressive thoughts and actions of either event, society would not be where it is today. In the 1700’s, France had three major social classes: tier one consisting of the clergy, tier two made up of the aristocracy, and tier three which was the non-nobility and common folk. The third tier made up over 95% of France's population. It was this tier that would become the root of the French Revolution and lead to the Aristocrats of the top tiers versus the Democrats of the lower third tier. Throughout the past few decades, France had fought and been successful in numerous wars.This caused taxes on the lower class to be raised to an insurmountable level while the upper classes were left paying little or none.
Later on, after Louis XVI rigged republics’ congressional voting system, the Clergy joined with the third tier and had “Tennis Court Talks” which were fueled by the fire of revolution. Eventually, the fall of the Bastille was provoked. After the fall of the Bastille, the French National
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