Similarities Between The Giver And Brave New World

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Novels of the same subject may have unique ways of expressing the authors’ ideas. The dystopian narratives such as Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and The Giver by Lois Lowry share many similarities concerning the concept of dystopia and distress. In this essay, I would like to highlight the main similarities and differences of the two novels; looking at programmable humans and the population which was created to be satisfied and accepting of their environments through pre-conditioning.
While many fictional books have been created over the centuries, none has been known to tackle the issue of a repressive system, or come remotely close to presenting it the way Aldous Huxley did in his book Brave New World (1932), as well as Lois Lowry in The
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The people appear to be quite content with being led by a selected few. In Jonas’ community, there is no lack of anything or prejudice. Everything is orderly in a bid to prevent problems arising. Jonas however gains knowledge about what the people have given up in order to help uphold the common good principle. The distress of the community becomes more apparent, leading to distrust and dismay. He gains awareness that this whole world as he had come to know is unreal. As his awareness grows, he becomes more defiant and determined not to remain under the hypocrisy of the system that he was…show more content…
Their existence is merely just that; existence. There is no meaning to it other than what they have been conditioned to do and unfortunately in today’s world there are many people who already operate that way, oblivious to their environment and the world as a whole. In the end, a country that abolishes originality and personality, a country with people that have no power of choice cannot in anyway be beneficial to the people but will instead be a place depicted in Brave New World or The

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