Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And The Sweet Revenge Of Celia Door

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The book, “The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door” contains similarities and differences to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book,“The Great Gatsby”. Both books present the theme of identity and gender and individuality throughout their story. One similarity both of the books have is how the two characters in the books represent the holder of power, control, and the desire to have popularity and fame to make their lives worth living. In relation to the similarity, a difference that as well exists which is the hold of power in Great Gatsby is Jay Gatsby whereas the hold of power mainly in the book is Sandy Firestone. For example, in Great Gatsby, again women are basically dependent on men, men are earning and making money for women or better as how men are in charge of everything and . In in the “Sweet Revenge of Celia Door”, it shows the female which is Sandy Firestone…show more content…
For the example conflict of how in Great Gatsby there is a fine divided line between the upper class and lower such as upper class living in East or West egg, women are expected to wear fancy dresses and luxurious jewelry, act modern and attend grand parties and meet other men and not allowed to work. Men are expected to get more and more richer by earning the new money and have the old money to show off. Lower class are supposed to be isolated from the upper class and be under the rule of upper class.Compared to the society Celia is surrounded, the upper class would be the popular students and lower class would be the less known or to describe them would be geeks or nerds and etc. Girls such as Sandy Firestone have set up the standards of High school similar to Great Gatsby of wearing fashionable clothing,certain people that should be near you, being fit but instead of not working, Sandy and her followers don’t do assignments as they seem as less important to them than their own social

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