Similarities Between The Lottery And The Rocking Horse Winner

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“The Lottery” and “The Rocking-Horse Winner” may have a few similarities, but when it comes to their conflict, plot, and structure, they differ for the majority. Although both stories end with the death of a character, the conflicts are mostly different and do not take similar paths. In “The Lottery” it is hard to truly know the conflict throughout the story. The conflict of the individual vs. society is only apparent at the end. The conflict arises when Bill (Tessie's husband) picks out a piece of paper from the lottery box, and his piece of paper has a black dot in the middle of his slip of paper. Tessie sees his paper and starts yelling at people, particularly Mr. Summers, the man who conducts the lottery. She was yelling at him because she had thought that he didn’t give her husband enough time to pick out a slip of paper. So, in the end the town stones Tessie to death, which makes the conflict clear that it is man (woman) vs. society. The opposite is true in “The Rocking-Horse Winner”. The conflict is apparent at the beginning; the family does not have the money for their wants and needs. The mother, Hester has a few children but doesn’t seem to love them like a mother should and her children see that she doesn’t truly care for them. Hester claimed she was not lucky, and has a conversation with her son about her lack of luck. Hester’s son, Paul, believes he is lucky and wants to earn her love by betting on horseraces with his “luck”. Just like with the
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