Similarities Between The Middle Ages And The Dark Ages

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A topic that can be often debated in a history class is “The Middle Ages” also known as the “The Dark Ages.” In class for an activity we were given a video to watch called “The Revolution.” A Tv show in which all electricity is shut off, such as water, electronics, radios, lights, ect. This causes another “Dark age.” Although the show is not real and is only fiction it does hold similarities to this event in the past. One parallel between the two would be “no democracy.” In both the Dark Age during the fall of Rome and Revolution mayhem happens due to a lack of control. In the middle ages government was based on feudalism. Feudalism is a social system that was used and it was important between the lord, the vassal, and the peasant. The…show more content…
Vikings were northmen from Scandinavia, they raided the coasts of Britain, Ireland and the mainland Europe. They were great warriors, sailors and shipbuilders. During this time christianity had also envilied as a strong religious movement that tried to untie the people of europe. It was a time of religious struggles. Christians and catholics had different opinions and this resulted in the catholic corruption. They hated the fact that the catholic were increasing in power. Christians tried to create the pure christianity were there wouldn't be any corrupted methods by the catholic church. During this time the catholics never referred to this time as “dark”. They considered this time peaceful and productive for the religious era. A last parallel between the two is that both groups became “unified” with their surroundings. In the show revolution people were all stuck at one place because they could no longer commute themselves without cars and the loss of technology. When Rome fell into the Dark Ages the people felt bamboozled by the lack of democracy . Without a proper government crimes could cause fearful caos for others. The Dark Ages was a time for severe punishments as for today those crimes would seem trivial. Punishments included beheadings and limbs being cut off. No matter what time period the lack of democracy, the lack of resources and unification would
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