Similarities Between The Tuesday Wars And The Outsiders

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“The Outsiders” vs. “The Wednesday Wars” Essay

Different Towns, Different Story, Same Time

Two books set in the 1960s differ so greatly that it seems they are not even happening at the same time. “The Outsiders” and “The Wednesday Wars” are both set in this time, however, the background and conflicts in the story are definitely not the same. S. E. Hinton, the author of “The Outsiders”, seldom uses references from the time, unlike Gary D. Schmidt, the author of “The Wednesday Wars”, who uses the political status of the 1960s as a sort of basis for some of the conflicts in the book. Both of the main characters in these books, Ponyboy Curtis and Holling Hoodhood, are greatly impacted by the changes around them and to them. “The Wednesday Wars” is about a boy in the 1960s named Holling Hoodhood who has to spend every Wednesday with his teacher while his friends are either at Hebrew School or Catechism. He believes that his teacher “hates his guts”. This teacher, Mrs. Baker, makes him read Shakespeare as an out of school assignment. However, as the school year progresses, he starts to realize that everything is not what it seems.The Vietnam War
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All of these factors in the stories are important to the plot. Little similarities appear between each book, yet they share the similarity of being relatable. The reason why these books are so popular, to teens in particular, is because people can relate to the feelings and emotions of everyday people. Their experiences might not be as dramatic, but feeling like an outsider or like you have to just go along with what people tell you to do is a common feeling that most people share. Feelings are probably one of the most universal things that people feel. These differences and similarities make the stories what they

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