Similarities Between The Weary Blues And I Too

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In today’s society we face a lot of issues, but there is one issue that stands out to me most. Which these two poems address, that is injustice towards other race in America. In Langston Hughes “I Too” and “The Weary Blues” the trouble of unjust towards African Americans, weigh on the speaker’s mind. Each poem reflecting on the same issue just a little bit differently. In the poem I Too written in 1945 the overall theme focused by Langston was discrimination towards the African American people in the United States. We understand that the speaker in the poem is black from the first line where it states “I am the darker brother” providing an imagery for the readers. Then in the poem it says “They send me to eat in the kitchen when company comes” setting the tone of the poem, meaning that the speaker is unimportant person or referring him to a slave. The reason so, is because back in the day’s slaves had to eat in the kitchen of white slave owners. The setting of the first stanza of I Too…show more content…
As we move to the second stanza it provides us with a tone where the speakers is hopeful that one day in the future he’ll be important as the people who make him eat in the kitchen. We can interpret that from “Tomorrow I’ll be at the table when company comes. Nobody’ll dare say to me eat in the kitchen, then”. At the end of the poem the speaker says “Besides, they’ll see how beautiful I am and be ashamed” implying that the discriminating people will one day find out that everyone one is equal and be disappointed in their actions. As for the second the poem The Weary Blues the theme in it is slightly different from I Too, but it has the same meaning. The theme is about how African American expressed their opinions and communicated throughout music because they were being discriminated. In the third line of the poem speaker gives us a
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