Similarities Between Their Eyes Were Watching God And Their Eyes Were Watching God

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The Hurricane and flood in the novel, “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston illuminates the similarity between the novel and the natural disaster that occurred in south Florida in 1992. In the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, the protagonist Janie marries and remarries three times in hope of finding the right man who can help her find her voice. As can be seen, Hurricane Andrew and the hurricane in the novel are similar in that they both correlate with one another. Janie walks through a hurricane that symbolizes of all the troubles she faced in life which is similar to Hurricane Andrew and the hardships it caused for many people living in south Florida at the time. The hurricane being a metaphor for her other struggles, helps us get a clear understanding of the hardships she faced in life. Once the storm ends, all these troubles Janie had to face in life come to an end as well because now she gets to live a new life back in Eatonville without any of these marriages or anything else that caused her troubles in life previously. The claims made by Steinberg help analyze the similarities between Janie and Hurricane Andrew which gives us a clear understanding of how Hurricane Andrew is a representation of Janie’s hardships in life.
In 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit south Florida destructing thousands upon thousands of homes, killing people, leaving south Florida completely destroyed. The aftermath of Hurricane Andrew took roughly two weeks until people started
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