Similarities Between Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs

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Discussion: Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs Thomas Edison is one of the historical figures whose innovative spirit and approach to leadership reminds me of the late Steve Jobs. Born in 1847, Edison is widely regarded one of 19th century's greatest inventors with some of his most important works revolving around the development of the electric light bulb, motion picture camera, and the phonograph. One of America's most prolific inventors, Edison amassed a record number of patents during his lifetime. Steve Jobs on the other hand is mostly remembered for the great role he played in the transformation of the consumer electronics marketplace. Arguably one of America's foremost inventors in modern times, Jobs' inventions and related works largely revolve around the development of computing devices, smartphones, portable music devices, etc. Although both Edison and Jobs have unique similarities in their approach to leadership amongst other things, their leadership styles differ in a number of ways. In regard to their similarities, it is important to note that both leaders were visionaries. They both had fanciful ideas of what the future could look like and with this mental image; they developed products that were seen as being ahead of their time. Both individuals were also great team leaders. They had a unique ability to "sell" their ideas to others and influence teams towards the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives. For this reason, both Edison and Jobs could

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