Similarities Between Touching Spirit Bear And The Ghost Of Spirit Bear

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I’ve never committed a crime, but author Ben Mikaelsen made me feel as if I was right there in the library waiting for my final judgement for beating a poor little kid. The book “Touching Spirit Bear” and its sequel “The Ghost of Spirit Bear” are both books written by novelist Ben Mikaelsen about two boys and their intertwined life. The first book takes place when teen delinquent Cole Matthews beats up a boy at school named Peter for telling on him. Peter’s injury leads to a permanent speech impediment and because of this Cole goes to jail. When Cole’s probation officer, Garvey, tells about a tribal version of punishment called Circle Justice, which is where the two people involved in the crime must heal together, and move forward from their quarrel, Cole jumps at the idea to get out of jail. When this doesn’t work they decide to send Cole to an Alaskan island, which Peter is eventually condemned to. Eventually they become friends and they get past their problems. It is the next book where they face challenges of going back to school and fitting in.
There are several parallels between the two books. One such parallel is
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One instance is that in Touching Spirit Bear they are alone on the island and only have their own problems to deal with, but in The Ghost of Spirit Bear they must help those in need at school and in their personal lives. For instance, on Touching Spirit Bear, the boys must somehow get over their fighting so that they can heal together. However in The Ghost of Spirit Bear the boys must help the school heal and get over their drug addictions and their personal hatred for each other. Another example of a contrast is that in Touching Spirit Bear Cole and Peter are unrestricted to an extent with each other. In Touching Spirit Bear they are able to talk whenever they want on the island, but in The Ghost of Spirit Bear Peter’s parents do not want the two to
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