Similarities Between Truman And Nozick's

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Truman had been living in a man-made reality his entire life. None of the perceived experiences of his existence were real, meaning there was no truth in his sensation of the world. Despite the pleasurable and happy life he had lived up until realizing his environment was merely a product of someone else’s creation in order to entertain the masses, he decided to choose the objectively more discomforting, unknown and unfamiliar reality- yet, the one that holds moral truth. I put Truman’s life into a philosophical context by comparing it to living in an experience machine, a thought experiment proposed by the American philosopher Robert Nozick in order to counter-argue the moral philosophy of hedonistic utilitarianism as propagated by the classic utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham. The aim of this essay is therefore to discuss whether Truman’s decision to leave his experience machine was moral or immoral with consideration of Bentham’s hedonistic utilitarianism versus arguments of Nozick’s moral philosophy. I will elaborate on the discussion from…show more content…
For this purpose, I will use the definition established by Nozick- pleasure as a feeling that is desired because of its felt qualities (Mullnix, 2015). This explanation is meaningful since it makes no presumptions on what is pleasurable- a masochist, for instance, desires the feeling of pain. Despite the general custom of seeing pain as something inherently displeasurable, it is respectively satisfying in this case because the qualities felt whilst experiencing pain are desirable to a masochist, therefore pain is a pleasure. (Degrees of clarity, 2016) In this manner, pleasure is something purely subjective. By settling this, hedonistic utilitarianism can now be defined with its basic principle residing in the concept of
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