Similarities Between Watergate And Watergate

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On January 20, President Donald J Trump was at his inauguration looking at his crowd of followers. While he has been accused of many things, he still has the same face he always had during his campaign only this time as president. He won the battle against Hillary and will accomplish everything he promised. While many just hate him, some may have noticed some similarities between him and another controversial president. Two similarities between Watergate and Russia investigation are that both denied all accusations from the press and focused on attacking the opposite party instead of the real important issues. One major difference between Watergate and Russia investigation is that in Watergate the press helped find out what was going on while in Russia investigation the press is considered “fake news” by the president and many gullible people. In Watergate and the Russia investigation, government officials and the president denied all accusations. Press secretary for Nixon said that the break-in was a “third-rate burglary” (The Watergate Story np). President Trump criticized people who accused him of winning unfairly in the election on his greatest weapon: Twitter. Both Donald Trump and Richard Nixon attacked the Democratic Party. People who worked for Nixon broke into Democratic Headquarters and Trump directly attacked Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in every debate. Finally, Watergate was solved with the help of the press. In 2017, the press is being attacked and
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