Similarities Between Western And Eastern Cultures

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The term “behavior” refers one’s acts dominated by ideology in response to certain situations. Behavior derives from the long development of culture in which people are defined what is supposed to act based on the identity given. In other words, one’s behavior sometimes is the demonstration of one’s identity. Living in a multi-culture world, people from various cultures may behave totally different toward a situation or stimulus. Western and eastern cultures typically reflects the point of behavioral differentiations among distinct cultures. The United States, as a superpower established in last hundreds of years, possesses distinguishing features of western culture such as open and liberty. Meanwhile, China is an eastern country with an ancient civilization stands for conservative culture. Therefore, as represents of these two cultures, the United States and China are appropriate examples to explore the behavioral differentiations, and the differences in behavior can be well demonstrated through daily behaviors like classroom, driving and dining. Firstly, comparing the classroom behaviors, the classroom behaviors between America and China are two extremes that Americans are more active in class while Chinese tend to behave passively in class. Based on my college experience in the United States, most professors here use PowerPoint as the major tool to give a lecture. Generally, only a little stuff, which is the main points or ideas will be posted on the PowerPoint; and
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