Similarities Between Wordsworth And Virginia Woolf

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Natures Crusader’s
William Wordsworth wrote a series of poems that made him a pioneer for the Romantic Era. Just like Wordsworth, Virginia Woolf published many revolutionary romantic pieces that elevated understandings of emotion and individualism. Wordsworth and Woolf used nature and its vast beauty to educate and persuade people that they must keep a strong connection with the natural world if they wanted to ensure a successful life. Wordsworth and Woolf explain nature as a teacher and a source of inspiration through vivid prose; however, Woolf’s deeper analysis of nature creates a stronger connection for her audiences.
In Virginia Woolf’s Kew Gardens the natural world is represented by a garden a small piece of nature yet, a place where people of all ages, cultures, and epically genders can come to learn and reflect on any aspect of their life in and all the individual aspects of nature makes it beautiful. You can see clear similarity’s in the way the William Wordsworth describes natures beauty throughout all his pieces however, Wordsworth believed that those who become disconnected with nature will lose all truth and individuality. Both authors were extremely devoted to showing people that nature was an essential piece in creating clarity in every person’s life and nature was beautiful. Virginia Woolf however appealed to her readers by showing nature as a place where everyone could go to gain peace regardless of the conflicts they faced in their life. Even though they

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