Similarities Between Zumthor And Feur Eliasson

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For me, Louis Kahn; Peter Zumthor and Olafur Eliasson are three important arhitects and artist that shape who I am as a designer. You say to a brick: 'What do you want, brick?' and brick says to you: 'I like an arch.' I resonate with this quote by Louis Kahn, a famous architect who explored profoundly the complex and exquisite logic of brick structures. As he did, I also believe the materials in my hand have a stubborn sense of their own destiny. Sometimes, rather than actively express the certain idea by figuring out a specific form for an idea, I immerse myself deeply in the making process, until the reaction between materials, tools and my hands fishes the idea and creates a balance. I believe hands-on experimentation and research into materials’ physical and chemical make-up lead to a better understanding of the potential expression of a material and a greater design concept. So I will keep playing with these materials and ask them what do you want? Memories like these contain the deepest architectural experience that I know. They are the reservoirs of the architectural atmospheres and images that I explore in my work as an architect. When I read Peter Zumthor’s…show more content…
Olafur Eliasson’s works garner the attention of viwers’ senses through the application of environmental elements of light, earth, fire, air and water. Specially, I was impressed by The Weather Project, a giant glowing man-made sun attracted people to lie on the floor and even enjoy the picnic. These behaviors are just the same as what they do on a beach in the sunshine. I realize that the light, space, temperature and even smell are essential to create an environment that people what to stay. Influenced by him, all the viewer’s sensory perceptions, including seeing, hearing, touching and smelling, are taken into consideration when I did exhibition projects like Thick Space and Cloud
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