Similarities Between a Global Leader and an Effective Innovator

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A global leader has a lot of things in common with an effective innovator and one of the principal similarities between the two involves their ability to coordinate teams with the purpose of achieving goals in a limited amount of time and with as little impediments as possible. It is only safe to say that innovation is a team sport and that a global leader thus needs to focus on this concept in order to be able to assist his subordinates in meeting deadlines. In most cases global leaders feel that it is not up to them to come up with innovative solutions. "Rather, they feel responsible for facilitating the innovation process." (Dyer, Gregersen, & Christensen) Even with the fact that being an entrepreneur in many cases means having to criticize creative individuals for failing to play an active part in the actual production process, there is much more to being a global leader. Such a person basically needs to employ complex attitudes in order for him or her to be able to cooperate effectively with all of his or her subordinates. Effective innovators are in some situations less concerned about matters like discipline or accountability. This is why it is difficult for many global leaders to be able to adopt attitudes that would involve innovation, as they are unwilling to take risks and thus believe that they should solely concentrate on increasing profits through employing rational actions. Similar to how global leaders are reluctant to consider innovation as a strategy
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