Similarities Of A Hero In Mitch Albom's Five People You Meet In Heaven

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Throughout centuries, heroes are shown to finish their adventure no matter what stands in their way, but what truly makes a hero successful? Two characteristics that are essential for a hero to be successful on their journey are perseverance and the ability to be tolerant.
Toleration is the second most important trait a hero needs to be successful as it shows the amount of patience and calmness a person has. In Mitch Albom’s book, Five People you Meet in Heaven he exhibits Eddie to be a tolerant person who has put up with his abusive father since childhood. This Eddie’s tolerance as a child is evident when the author says, “Then he made his sons lie face down on the mattress while he pulled off his belt and lashed their rear ends”. Throughout Eddie’s
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Odysseus tolerance, on the other hand, is revealed at the end of his journey when he says, “Your crime is that you tried to steal my world. The world I built with my hands, and my sweat... /And my blood. The world that I shared with a woman who bore me my son and no one will ever take that from me. Now you will die to a man in a river of blood.” Odysseus tolerated the suitors who were trying to seduce Penelope and take over his land in his absence. The hero also put up with the factor that he was not able to see his wife or son for 20 long years. Although Odysseus and Eddie tolerate two different situations, both scenarios had something to do with someone that the hero was close to. Along with tolerance, a hero most also has a good amount of perseverance. Eddie, for example, shows a great amount of perseverance after his wife dies. The author explicitly stated in the book, “Now that she’s gone, Eddie tries. At work, he straps himself on a roller coaster, high and alone, like a mountain climber. At night, he watches television in the apartment “. Eddie deeply loved his
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