Similarities Of Islam And Christianity

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Manpreet Chatha
Paper # 01
Religion 101
Islam and Christianity are wide spread religions in the world. These two major world religions have different belief systems and their common originality, values and some beliefs have enabled most of their believers to respect and try to understand each other's faith. The concept of rituals is more important in understanding religion. I will explain Islam and Christianity based on rituals. In terms of practice, Islam and Christianity share prayer, fasting, alms, Pilgrimage. There are definite differences in detail, but the principle practices remain similar
Prothero states that Christianity is the great religion in the world but it does not mean that Islam is not popular religion. In fact, he compares Islam with fast growing religion which means people from other religions also follow the Islam and the growing rate is more than Christianity. The word Islam means “submission” to the Allah. Shahadah is the central pillar. Prothero explains that “I testify that there is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God” (Prothero, 33). These are two truths and to become a true Muslim this truth is the realty of Muslim religion and need all Muslims to testify to this creed. The basic creed of Islam is brief, whereas Christian believe in Jesus who is the Son of God but Muslim believe that Jesus is the messenger of God, not the son of god. Both have different Scriptures Christianity believe in Bible and Islam Believe in Quran.
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