Similarities Of Judaism Vs Christianity

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The development of Christianity can be rooted all the way back to the Second Temple period in Judaism. Judaism is considered the parent to Christianity as it was the foundation of the Christian religion. As Christianity developed, it began to diverge from the Jewish religion and began to emphasize orthodoxy through Jesus Christ and focus on the text of the New Testament. As the two religion diverged, they developed many differences in their beliefs, however Christianity is more of a continuation of Judaism rather than being completely unalike.

Although there are many similarities between Judaism and Christianity, the two major differences are the way in which followers of each religion define who Jesus is and the way the two faiths understand sin and the means of achieving forgiveness. The Jews unlike Christians do not believe that Jesus is the promised messiah; instead they believe that a non-divine human will be the messiah sent from God. They also believe that the messiah’s purpose is to restore the kingdom of Israel, rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and bring earthly peace (Johnson and Rodrigues, 2014). On the contrary, Christians believe that the kingdom exists today as the congregation of Christians: all the people that follow Jesus by faith. In Christian belief, the messiah has already come and ushered in the way to a new relationship with God. The second key difference is in the way the two faiths understand sin and the means of achieving forgiveness. Jews believe
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