Similarities Of Nature And Politics

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When asked most people would probably say that nature is simply the outdoors, or the wilderness and that politics is the government. However, Nature and Politics are much more than the physical world around us, they are also abstract concepts that bring order to an otherwise chaotic universe. Nature is the set of rules that we all follow, it can be used to explain why the lion eats the gazelle and why, sometimes, humans behave badly. Politics is a similar system that governs humanity in both the way we behave and how we make decisions in our everyday lives. These two systems are not separate entities, but instead exist together and providing balance between the total anarchy of nature and the total dictatorship of politics. Every plant, animal,…show more content…
In nature if a group of people came to a disagreement over a natural resource like water then the results could be catastrophic, imagine to tribes fighting each other to the death with only one tribe coming out on top. This example would be the constant state of man if we only had natures laws to rely on but, instead we can use the government solve our differences in court or even better, the water could be mutually or publicly owned by everyone and anyone could be free to use it as they see fit. Another useful part of living under a government is the protection it provides. In the tribal scenario if a group was weak it is susceptible to attack but, a government can provide a military to keep everyone safe and scare away would be attackers out of the fear of the size of the military alone. On a smaller scale you are less likely to be robbed if a police force is near you than if you are expected to protect your own home or shop. In nature if someone wants something that you have the only thing stopping them from getting it is you. This is why the decision-making process provided by politics is so important, our civilization is built on
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