Similarities Of Pirates And Yoga

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Pilates and yoga are both very important exercises that can help benefit people physically and mentally. Both practices allow people to build up muscle endurance and it can also rehabilitate people. Both practices also have positive effects on one’s mental health, improving overall life satisfaction. Exploring the history, health benefits, and injuries of Pilates and yoga has helped me make my decision on whether I keep it as a part of my fitness regimen.
Yoga has a complex history, because it is based on a belief system, that each yogi will interpret differently. The origins of yoga date back to as early as 2500 BCE, where a simple figurine was found. The artifact was Shiva, the destroyer of the world, in a yoga pose. Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit,
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This notion is shown in prana, which is a breathing exercise that is supposed to invigorate life energy. The classical Indian civilization period is said to be the most important in the development of the yoga tradition. This period was characterized by Buddhist yoga and Jainism. They both focus on enlightenment and they use yoga to help achieve that higher understanding. The Tantra movement focused upon personal experiences and rejected the Upanishad authority and the movements from the classical period. Tantric traditions focus on a feminine divine (Shakti) and its two main focuses were bhoga (enjoyment) and mukti (liberation) (Connolly). During the modern period, Hatha yoga flourished. Hatha means the union of eternal sun and moon, and it focuses on six purifications. These practices are dhauti, basti, neti, traktaka, nauli, and kapalabhati. These practices were meant to cleanse the body and make one immune to illness and old age(Singleton). The history of Pilates is traced back to World War I and Joseph

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