Similarities Of Socrates And Plato

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Famous Ancient Greek philosophers: Socrates and Plato
The human mind has always been puzzled with basic questions such as: who am I? Where the universe come from, and what is its purpose? How can I be happy? Greek philosophers who were” seekers and lovers of wisdom” tried to approach these life’s big questions sometimes in a scientific way, other times in mystic ways, but always imaginatively. Among them, we remember: Pythagoras of Samos, who was viewed as a charlatan because he believed in the doctrine of reincarnation. Socrates: walking half-naked in Athens streets, used to ask people provocative and often unanswerable questions about justice and virtues. Plato, who saw the actual world of phenomena as only a mere shadow of the real world
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In fact, Socrates is considered to be the Founder of Western philosophy and the wisest man to have ever lived. He provided the basis for modern ethics and epistemic thought. Several historians of Ancient Greek philosophy tried to portray him only as a literary figure created by Plato in order to give more power to his views, nevertheless, he became the founder of a new philosophy and a teacher of many of the great philosophers. Plato on his side, the “Christian before Christ” as St. Augustine said rightly, who invited us to be a “light” for others in his famous text the “Allegory of the cave”, reminds us of Jesus’ one in the Bible where he exhorts us to be a light in this world of darkness so that others may come to have the true knowledge which is God himself. In his exceptional work the “Republic” also, he encouraged each and every one of us to be a “good person”, which is another important point of the Bible. In conclusion, these “super beings” were an invaluable gift to humanity, they wanted in their own way to restore the image of God in us. They ultimately planned a new world where Wisdom, not Power
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