Similarities Of Typography And Photography

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There are two majors styles of design , typography and photography. Both have had a profound impact on the way technique has evolved. Typography is the use of characters and is a technical type of art. The other type of design is photography , which is image technique. When you compare both of them, they seem like dramatically different styles, but they do have some important things in common. This essay will highlight the similarities and differences of typography and photography. It will also explain which form is the most useful for students studying design. Firstly, there are many motives that make typography different to photography. Typography is the art or type of design. It includes: different types of font, line…show more content…
Photography is science, art and some things to create specific image by professional and also in art . According by (Meyer,2015), photography comes from two words .this words are Greek words: photo , for light and other word is graph , for drawing . Drawing with light is the one steps of create photography .when a photo is made by light or some other form of energy , such as X ray .This ray used to make a photo of another an object. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce is a French scholar, inventor of the first photography technical, known as (Alhliogerafah), Nicephore succeeded in the work of a picture. when the invention of photography and realistic pictures that artist take times or even days to make good image . nowadays , photography are used in newspapers, magazines, books, and television to access information and advertise .Scientists are found practical applications of photography, for example, in astronomy and science of medicine. Photography has many types mediated the metal plate in 1827, using bituminous substances to make them delicate and then exposed to light for eight hours. It is the first picture in the world. The amount of video tapes paintings (optical) of drilling and were a pioneer in visual, mechanical methods of production. Louis Daguerre is a French chemist and the artist was born in 1787. He died in 1851.This types are determined by the type of camera used it.First type is Wide Angle Lenses, is
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