Similarities and Causes for Unfamilirity between Christianity and Islam

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A religion can be thought of as a paradigm comprised of dogmas, cultural structures, and world views that govern the connection between an order of being and the human race. The majority of religions use cultural narratives, iconography, and sacred histories to elucidate the radix and meaning of not only life but also the universe. Devotees of a certain religion derive their morals, values, beliefs, and life choices from their respective indoctrinated convictions. Currently, there are approximately 4 thousand varying religions that an individual may subscribe to. However, I am only going to address two of the most dominant faith traditions; Islam and Christianity. Regardless of my own religious beliefs, there is no denying that Islam and…show more content…
I have used the term monotheistic several times already and feel the need to clarify exactly what is meant when referring to it within the context of faith traditions. All Abrahamic religions aver to be monotheistic, meaning that adherents worship an exclusive God. Although each religion knows God by a different name – Christianity maintaining the Germanic, God, and Muslims using the Semitic, Allah – both believe in a divine being that is capable of love, creation, and forgiveness but also has the ability to punish, judge, and smite (Peters & Esposito, 2006). Where differences and religious conflicts arise however is with Christianity’s Trinitarian belief system. The three consubstantial expressions of God, including the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, are fundamental aspects of faith for the vast majority of Christian denominations but nevertheless conflicts with the Islamic concept of monotheism. While this is an example of a difference in religious opinions rather than a similarity, it is important to understand and allows an opportunity for me to offer my own brief perspective on the matter. Without digressing too much from the topic at hand, my personal persuasion is that the disagreement in monotheistic definitions stems from theological semantics and should not tarnish the

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