Similarities and Differences Between the Juvenile Justice and Adult Criminal System

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Running Head: JUVENILE V. CRIMINAL 1 Juvenile Justice System V. Criminal Justice System Ronda Cauchon CJ150-01 Professor Abreu Kaplan University October 9, 2012 JUVENILE V CRIMINAL 2 Juvenile Justice System V. Criminal Justice System In the earliest of times, juvenile offenders were treated the same as adult offenders. They were arrested, placed in custody, tried, as well as, imprisoned in the same facilities that housed adult offenders. Punishment was the primary goal when it came to the handling of either of these offenders, now…show more content…
Juveniles involved in less serious crimes JUVENILE V CRIMINAL 3 such as shoplifting and runaways, have been diverted from court action. Court proceedings for juveniles as well as the records are sealed and not available to the public, while adult criminal proceedings and records are deemed public. Officers also deal with juvenile and adult offenders differently. They have several options when dealing with a juvenile offender; they may release the juvenile with a simple warning, they may also release the juvenile and file a report on the contact they had with them, they have the option to take the juvenile to the police station and make referrals to outside programs like youth services, they may also refer the juvenile to juvenile court intake either with or without detention. In dealing with adult criminal cases the options of officers pale in comparison, they offender is either arrested or released with a warning. Once in custody of the police, juvenile are generally released to the custody of their parent or guardians and adult offenders are offered the opportunity to pay bail. Parents in juvenile proceeding have a greater involvement in the trial process where in the adult process; parental
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