Similarities and Differences between the American Television Shows 'American Idol' and 'X-Factor'

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Introduction American society is characterized by its upward mobility. Anyone, particularly those with a talent in high demand, can achieve prosperity through hard ward and determination. Both American Idol and X-Factor showcase this phenomenon within the confines of their shows. Consumers, particularly those geared towards drama, love to see this upward mobility concept in action. Both shows do a great job articulating this concept in a manner that is engaging and though provoking. However, American Idol and X-Factor have distinct differences that make them unique in their application of this concept. Through this document I aim to juxtapose the different shows in regards to their similarities and differences. Similarity: Aspirational Component American Idol and X-Factor both have a more aspiration component to their shows. The show garners much of its appeal from the hopes and dreams of others. Many Americans, in a society predicated on material wealth, desire what many of the contestant on the show have obtained. This includes an opportunity to showcase ones talents while being recognized for superior performance. Many Americans desire recognition while admonishing rejection. America Idol is a show that relies on is "Rags to riches" appeal. It is show that draws vast audiences due primarily to its ability to attract local talent that has yet to be recognized. It allows individuals to live their dreams, even if doing so is highly unlikely. This concept is much like
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