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The Use of Humor in Senior High School English Teaching

Author: Wei Lei Number: 05680211 Tutor: Yin Ting

Abstract: Humor is an artistic method. Teaching humor is also considered as a kind of art. If it is properly utilized, it can make students obtain knowledge and wisdom in pleasant surroundings. The characters of teaching humor are that it is full of interest, implication, enlightenment and cheerfulness. This paper firstly analyzes the definition and connotation of humor and the nowadays situation of senior high school English teaching, then discusses the significance of using humor and the specific methods and means to use humor in senior high school English teaching. The use of teaching humor is helpful for
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But how humor is used in the present situation of English teaching in senior high schools?

II. The Present Situation of English Teaching in Senior High Schools In the 20th century, numerous English teaching methods had emerged; however, all of them, the most popular one about 1980s, have not reached a satisfying result. Thus, from 1990s, the main idea of English teaching does not consider “method” as an important aspect of English teaching. Because the methods ignore the fact that the learning process is conceived in the interactive activity with other people, and the English teaching environments such as culture, politics are also ignored. Under this main tendency the English curriculum standard was formulated by our national education department, English teaching takes a social constructivism as its theoretical foundation. This English teaching method classifies the different positions of teachers and students in the classroom. It points out the teacher is no longer the focus in the classroom and the role of teacher is transformed from a knowledge provider to a students’ helper and instructor. And these standards need the special language use by teachers, namely, the humor. There are some characters of the traditional English teaching system. The first, teachers try their best to make any possible way to improve students’ marks. Some of the teachers should be respected for their effort, but they use wrong methods, so the
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