Similarities between Public and Private Sector Leadership

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Leadership in the public sector is similar to private sector leadership in many aspects, for example with respect to social and environmental responsibility and employees’ attitudes to their immediate managers. However, there are many differences as well, such as the perceptions of top-level executive leaders, risk taking appetite of leaders, their approaches to motivation and involvement in decision-making, and individual charismatic leadership versus collective networked leadership. Many of these leadership differences stem from a difference in attitudes, approaches and challenges that these leaders face. Some of the major challenges facing public sector CEOs are outlined below. • Increasing pace of change - As guest speaker Professor Prahlad K. Basu suggested, “Turn Around” and Corporate Recovery is of utmost importance in the case of State Owned Enterprises in India. A large number of PSUs serve critical functions of furthering the socio-economic objectives of the Government and of ensuring stability in prices of key products and commodities. In order to achieve this successfully, while at the same time ensuring economically viable operations and long term sustainability in an increasingly competitive environment, the role of public sector leaders becomes increasingly important. PSUs have enormous scope for improvement in projects and operations management, they need to benchmark their capabilities and offerings with private players in order to remain competitive and
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