Similarities in Avalanches and the Government

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It is hard to walk down the side of a street without either seeing a newspaper hearing a radio commentator talking about the most recent national disaster or the newest countries now at war or assisting the war efforts of others. Governments around the world are working 24/7 to protect their ideals at any expense. If foreign governments threaten each other, they go to war. If any aspect of society threatens a government, a regulation or law is soon passed to correct the problem. As communication all over the world increases, and more important choices are made per day than any other time in history, governments all over the world have grown in power in an attempt to monitor these interactions and keep their ideals and power intact. This…show more content…
Like today’s politics also, the snowflake isn’t going to come out of the avalanche and take responsibility for the destruction it started.
The obvious difference between American politics and an avalanche is that governments are made of people capable of intelligent thought, instead of a mindless mass of snow. In some ways this makes modern governments even more dangerous. A mass of snow only has a single purpose, toppling trees and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Modern politics, however, can adapt. The human element of politics allows for ingenuity in overcoming obstacles as well as brute force. Ingenuity and problem solving have solved, or aided in the resolution of, harms such as sickness, military invasion, and natural disasters. Human thinking has allowed for developments in science, medicine, and education. It has also helped create nuclear weapons, guns, and corporations that eat up Earth’s resources at an astounding rate. The human element of politics makes it more powerful and resourceful, but it makes it that much more dangerous.
Like an avalanche, people know what a government is capable of and habitually live in fear of it. After a war or decision with a high cost (whether it be a financial cost or a cost of human life) governments like to point out all they have accomplished and refuse to mention in detail
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