Similarity-Attraction Theory

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Statement of the Problem

Over the years, researchers have been aiming to determine what draws an individual towards another. Attraction preference has changed as we have become more open-minded throughout the generations. There are specific traits that each individual finds attractive. While basing a person just upon physical characteristics, the study is going to observe how race affects a person’s attraction preference towards another individual. This will be demonstrated by seeing if a person is intrigued by similar traits in which they happen to contain or if they are drawn to unique differences.
Society today is occupied by diverse groups of individuals, being that the United States is a melting pot. Growing up in a diverse country, many citizens have been exposed to numerous unique physical characteristics. People tend to favor their own kind, while others are breaking the stereotypical norms. The similarity-attraction theory, proven by Newcomb, has shown that people tend to be attracted to people whom contain similarities. Individuals feel more comfortable to associate with people of their own kind and will often time avoid people with disparities (Mannix & Neale, 2005). It is not known if stereotypes are affecting people’s judgments or if their attraction preference is clearing made on similarities. Although, if a person did not know the person’s race and was basing their decision off of eye color, skin tone, and hair
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The study will differ from previous research being that the 300 participants will be oblivious to the races displayed in the pictures. Precisely, this study will determine the attraction level of an individual in regards to race using a survey in questionnaire form. It is predicted that individuals will be attracted to others of the same race. With this being said, similarities will play a role and attract the individuals
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