Similarity In The Media

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What is Similarity?
Have you ever truly thought about what being similar means? If not here is your chance. Similarity means having a similar feature or aspect as another individual. How bodies look and work on the inside is the same for all, so why does it matter what they look like on the outside? Media of all types discriminate against both male and female bodies. Why do they do this? How come they can’t portray each individual the same? Whether it is a man or woman both body types are discriminated against. Mainly it is due to the fact that women are discriminated against more than men are. Media only states how women are dismembered, but they do not realize men are too. Men are considered more sexually active and are known to make statements
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The meaning behind these statements are too sell the actual product.
Media portrays women in a discriminatory way. No one really acknowledges the fact that men are discriminated against throughout media. According to Jackson Katz in Tough Guise “Men need transforming too” (Jackson Katz). Although it is not considered as prominently as it is for women, it does happen. There are some ads that actually put men and women next to each other. With the male in the picture or advertisement not being the most attractive and the female is very attractive. Those cologne companies such as aventus by creed are telling the audience that if they use this cologne, the most attractive person would flock towards you. Men want a woman who would love him for him not just because he smells good. Our society causes women to feel inferior to men but in all actuality men and women are either inferior or superior towards each other. In the Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment article it states“Sex discrimination exists when a person or group of people are treated unfavorably solely on the basis of their sex. In the United States sex
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Degrading men based on what we call the norms of society is completely stupid. Men are smart when they want to be yet we call them dumb or stupid for having fun with your friends. Females can go out and have fun why can't males. According to Kim Parker and Gretchen Livingston in their article 6 Facts About American Fathers, it states “The public has mixed views about these changes. While only a small share of people (18%) agree that women should return to their traditional roles in society, breadwinning is still more often seen as a father’s role than a mother’s. About four-in-ten (41%) say it is extremely important for a father to provide income for his children; just 25% say the same of mothers. And while about three-quarters of the public say having more women in the workplace has made it harder for parents to raise children, a majority (67%) say this has made it easier for families to live comfortably.” (Gretchen Livingston, Kim Parker). There are mixed views as you very well can see but women should be able to go out and work if they please to, and the same goes for men. If they want to stay home and do the feminine jobs then let them. It should not matter to us as a society as long as they are
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