Similarly, The United States Lgbtq+ Community Suffers From

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Similarly, the United States LGBTQ+ community suffers from similar assault cases and psychological damage. Violence towards the LGBTQ+ community in America is not as publicly seen or heard of as in Russia, but it is still there. Russia and the U.S have similar, yet different forms of hate crimes against LGBTQ+ persons. In the United States, sexual assault and gun violence are often what you hear in regards to hate crimes; that is if it is large enough to make the news at all. Unlike in Russia, the police must investigate the crime, since it is an act of discrimination. The difference in the United States and Russia in the regard is that by law (depending on the state) the United States must stop discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.…show more content…
In Russia, majority of LGBTQ+ people in prison are there under false allegations, and It could take month, years before they are saved, resulting in uncurbable psychological and psychical damage to the person’s body. In an article published by the Huffington Post titled, “Openly Gay Men Behind Bars Are Told We Deserve What we get—But Nobody Deserves This.” The author Rodney Smith, recounts his time in prison being an openly gay man, highlighting that “Prisoner rape is a gay rights issue. …roughly 40 percent of gay former state prisoners were sexually abused by another inmate. That number doesn’t even include gay men who were assaulted by staff, or inmates who were too afraid to report, even anonymously.” Although, Smith’s case happened in the United States, it is the exact same situation in Russian prisons; more so, since the political atmosphere towards LGBTQ+ peoples is more publicly aggressive than in the United Stated. As well as majority, but not all, of LGBTQ+ people in prison are placed due to false accusations or small crimes, such as forging a cheque. International responses to the injustices LGBTQ+ people face in Russia is monumental. The international community has tried on multiple occasion to influence reform on the hate crimes and discrimination that Is rampant throughout the world’s largest country. One of the
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