Similarties and Differences of Islam and Christianity Essay

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Many religions have impacted the thoughts and beliefs of millions around the world. Two of these religions are Islam and Christianity, both of which are similar, yet, incredibly different. Christianity, which had come long before Islam, is known to be the root of Islam which makes sense since the two religions share much in common. They are both Abrahamic and monotheistic religions which means they share the belief in only one true existing God and are rooted to have many similarities. Their differences, however, are what make them two distinctive religions, which is why they are recognized and classified for being so. Similarities and differences arise in many topics and situations, but differences take over and divide them into…show more content…
That is because the church and the Ummah are both communities with the goal of bringing others to their faith and their believers together. The position of Jesus in Christianity, however, is different from that of the one he holds in Islam. An example is that of prophecy. As much as both religions believe in the messengers of God, some are given more importance than others. In Christianity, Jesus is believed to be the son of God, and therefore given more importance than Moses, but in Islam, Jesus is simply another prophet. An important prophet, yes, but not one that was loved more by Allah than Muhammad. In Christianity, it is also believed that Jesus is the light or the way which leads people to the right path. In Islam, it is the Quran which does so. Christianity also believes that Jesus was the one to transfer the direct word of God. In this case, the position which Jesus holds in Christianity is the same as the position which the Quran holds in Islam. The Quran is believed to be the direct word of God. It was brought down to Muhammad, the most important prophet of Islam, from the heavens through the messenger of the angel, Gabriel (Esposito). The Quran also teaches Muslims the way of the Islamic lifestyle as did Jesus with his lessons on bringing faith to God’s words. In order to reach the final destination of heaven in the
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