Simmons Case Study

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Running head: SIMMONS CASE STUDY Simmons Case Study Britt W. Gerdes Grand Canyon University Org. Devlp. and Chg. LDR 615 Prof. Walsh May 17, 2011 Simmons Case Study In this case study, it explored some of the major hurdles of handling a significant executive change at Simmons, which was a well established and traditional company that mass-produced and disseminated mattresses. Charlie Eitel, the newly employed CEO of Simmons was hired to make some major changes with the organizations performance, which he planned on doing, by implementing an untraditional training program called Great Game of Life Program. This paper will cover whether or not Simmons should implement the Great Game of Life Program, what was the objective of the…show more content…
At the end of the video, one employee states “Am I my brother keeper…Yes I am”, referring to not only his fellow employees but to the customers and the success of the organization. This employee like the many others on the video are invested into the organizations mission, vision and values through the successful implementation of the Great Game of Life Program. By having motivated employees, who are the anchor of any organization, is a benefit to the company at many levels. The efficient and motivated workforce will bring the company unlimited success. I believe there are many different ingredients that can influence an employee’s output but a truly motivated employee always gives their best to the company. Mr. Eitel has found a way to motivate the employees of Simmons, which resulted in leading the company to the path of success. Steps to Implement Change with Simmons In order for change to be implemented and work within any organization, there has to be careful planning and building the proper foundation. If you become too impatient with the process, and expect too much too soon, your plans for change may dematerialize. To make this change with Simmons, I would propose using Kotter’s 8 Step Process. The first three step would be the following: Step One: Create Urgency This task can be time consuming at first but I believe with the way the company is heading financially by losing three of the top
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