Simmons Lab Case Study

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Simmons Lab Case

The Situation:
Newbridge, a recently hired project head manager, meets Zaph at the lab one day. Zaph was an intelligent capable person, who had impressed Dr. Jerrold, the head of the laboratory. Zaph had many ideas and solutions to the different problems the lab was dealing with. Zaph immediately connected with Links, the mathematician, and started helping him with his theories, which Newbridge did not understand very well. Zaph’s dominant personality became apparent to Newbridge, who admired Zaph’s for his abilities but at the same time felt threatened. Newbridge started taking a back seat to Zaph’s ideas and presentations and Newbridge grew apprehensive about his job position at the laboratory. Without discussing his
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He followed his intuition, and did not study the facts in this situation. He did not communicate with the head of the lab, and hid his feelings from everyone. Newbridge and the head of the lab lacked two ways communication, therefore Newbridge’s departure from the lab was surprising. Bob kept all his feelings bottled up, which put Jerrold in a tough position.
Another Key issue is Newbridge and Zaph’s opposite personalities. Zaph’s dominating personality overshadowed Newbridge, which lead to Newbridge’s feeling of insecurities. Also, the head of the lab continuous excitement and praise of Zaph, contributed to Newbridge’s feelings of inadequacy next to Zaph. And, Zaph’s lack of respect for Newbridge’s way of conducting meetings, and his criticism of Newbridge’s problem solving abilities created tension in the group.
Alternative Solutions:
First of all, I believe lack of communication contributed to this situation. Newbridge should have talked about his feelings with the head of the lab, and made him aware of the situation. Communicating with Jerrold, would have given Jerrold the chance to explain his intentions with Zaph, which would have cleared up any insecurities Newbridge had. It is important to be able to communicate with coworkers, to clarify any situations that may arise, and find an appropriate solution (Schramm,1954). Newbridge had no concrete evidence to his feelings towards Zaph, and approaching this situation in a more
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