Simon As A Christ Figure In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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John T. Martin
English IV Honors
Mrs. Mullally
It has been suggested that Simon is a Christ-figure in the novel. Describe some of his qualities and actions which justify such a comparison.

In the novel, The Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, there are a series of characters that represent different themes, figures, and ideas. Some characters, for example, show leadership, wisdom, a desire for power, gullibility, and Christ-likeness. These roles are equally as important for the setup and flow of the novel, but one represents love, sacrifice, and a Christ-like idealism more than the others. Although his age is never identified, Simon is depicted as one of the more mature boys and seems to be the only one who remains in a constant and civilized mindset throughout his time on the island. Simon has an innate goodness and represents a constant moral behavior. His ability to be a light to the other boys along with his ability to recognize that “the beast” and evil dwells more so in them than on the actual island, is very important in the novels storyline. The first major event that really stands out as a representation to Simon’s Christ-likeness is when Jack brings back the first pig for the boys to eat. Jack is the hunter in the group and the most evil character of the boys. Even though he provides food, his desire for power and the re-occurring events of his evil actions show his downfall from civilization. Upon Jack’s return with meat, he gives all the

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