Simon Bolivar Essay examples

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Throughout Latin American History there have been several important leaders, but one leader in particular changed Latin American history forever. This particularly important early nineteenth-century leader was named Simón Bolívar. Simón Bolívar as a leader stood out from all the other leaders, because he played a crucial role in Latin American Independence. He was a revolutionary, an intellectual, and a visionary man that made Latin American independence successful during the nineteenth century.

Simón Bolívar was said to be a revolutionary during the period of the early nineteenth century because he wanted to change Latin America. His goal was to promote change and gain independence for the Latin American states from Spanish rule, and
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This exposure to new ideas played a crucially important role in the independence movement for Latin America, in that Simón used these ideas he was taught to influence the people of his country. Without Simón Bolívar’s avocation of these enlightment ideas to the people of Latin America, independence for these states may not have been possible. Since Simón Bolívar could be seen as responsible of the one advocating how important it is for citizens to fight for their rights and freedoms, and these ideas where the reason that ignited the movement towards independence. During the nineteenth century, many people needed some kind of guidance about how they should act and think in regards to being inferior to Spanish rule that had a hold on their country like Latin America experienced throughout Spanish colonial rule. Simón Bolívar and his enlightment ideas were just what the citizens needed in leading them towards independence, since it seemed like they were lost without his guidance. Perhaps Simón Bolívar was just the right intellectual at the right time, since it seemed that people during this time needed someone to guide or speak for them, and that they ultimately couldn’t think or act for themselves so Simón guided them. It was said that Simón Bolívar was considered an intellectual and that people followed his ideas and visions because his campaigns were so
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