Simon Bolivar : The Liberator

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Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan, an aristocrat, an orphan, a slave owner, a widow, these words describe how people could portray a man of such power and influence, but most of them call him the Liberator. Bolivar is known for his role as a revolutionary leader against the Spanish forces that occupied most of South America and helped liberate six countries that would not have been around if not for his constant pursuit for justice. Even today as his story is almost 200 years old, Bolivar still makes an impact in South America by the means of representing the fight for people of all ethnicities, all the people that have been denied justice, and as their perfect and imperfect leader. When the Latin American revolution first started Bolivar was anything but the person people would think of to join the fight. He was an educated landowner, and had no experience when it came to leading people to war, so using all his knowledge he possessed he recruited someone he deemed fit to fight for the cause, General Miranda, being known for his fights in other revolutions. However, after he was betrayed by Miranda he was forced into this role of General, having no experience for leading men other than his eloquent use of words that made him capable of persuaded the most reluctant man into dying for a cause. He was filled with ideas, but the ones that took to the heart of the people the most were equality and liberty. Even though he was fed with a silver spoon as a child, he believed that everyone
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