Simon Bolivar - The Liberator Essay

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Simon Bolivar - The Liberator
Simon Bolivar was proclaimed “Liberator” by his own people and a world-renowned figure in his day. His prophetic vision of hemispheric solidarity lives today, and his political thinking serves dictators and democrat alike in contemporary Latin America. This paper explores the impact the days of colonialism and revolution, in which treatment of Creoles was inferior to Peninsulares (Spaniards born in Spain). And this was a long-standing cause of frustration and resentment that contributed to the desire for independence from Spain. In addition, this paper analyzes some facts of one of the greatest minds of the 18th century “Simon Bolivar”. There is abundant evidence that Bolivar worked extensively to create a
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[2] There was also the long standing antipathy of provincials for the people of the capital, which resulted in many country people siding with the royalists simply because the upper classes of Caracas supported the patriot cause. In the confused struggles that followed in the 18th century, Creoles and Peninsulares were found in both patriot and royalist armies, and at first Negroes generally sided with the latter. [1]
Bolivar was from the elite class at the Villa San Pedro Alejandrino near Santa Marta, of Caracas, Venezuela .[1] According to Donald E. Worcester, Bolivar was about five feet, six inches in height, with broad chest, slender body, and the small hands and feet of the aristocrat. He had a high forehead, black hair, and high cheekbones. His facial expressions changed as rapidly as his moods .[3] He disliked being alone, and was almost never without women companions, even on campaign.[2] To understand Bolivar’s tenacity it is necessary to consider the Spanish-American cult of machismo, part of the legacy of the conquistadores. The macho is, or believes himself to be, the kind of man that women pursues and men follow willingly, a combination of Casanova, torero, and gaucho. The typical macho makes a constant display of his manliness –in its pure state machismo reflects courage, honor, and dignity, but too often it is mere gloating. Would-be machos boast of their endless triumphs yet assert that they marry only virgins and defend their sisters’ honor to the
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