Simon 's Model Of Human Decision Making

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Herbert A. Simons was a scientist that was interested in the subject of human decision making and because of this, it lead him to studying various disciplines to gain a wider knowledge of decision theory (Auiger 2000). This gathered knowledge lead to what is today known as the Simon’s Model. Simon’s model involves four main phases. These phases include, the intelligence phase, the design phase, the choice phase and implementation The first phase of Simon’s model is the intelligence phase. It is in this phase that the problem or decision that must be made, must be identified and clearly defined. Therefore, it is important to understand the true nature of the problem or opportunity and not the symptoms. “Often, what is described as a problem may be only a symptom of a problem” (Turban 2011, p.48). Campitelli and Gobet (2010, p.359) state that participants must use strategies to reduce the number of states they need to explore to reach the final state. This approach is aimed to narrow the field of information that must be gathered to ensure relevant information is accessible during further phases. The identification of the problem or opportunity allows for categorisation into structured, semi-structured or unstructured. There are multiple issues that can occur in this phase that can have a flow on effect to further phases. These issues can include things such as unavailable data, inaccurate data, qualitative (soft) data, information overload or assuming future data will be
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