Simone Johnson Research Paper

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Simone Johnson was born in, may 29, 2003. She is the eldest of a family of four children. Simone’s family is loud, can be Irritating, and fun to be with. Even though they annoy her sometimes, Simone still likes to be with her family. She also likes to watch shows on the television, and she also likes going outside, and doing sports. She did several different sports but her favorite is cheerleading.
It is her favorite sport because of the friends she has and because of the exercise. She has inspired two of her younger sisters who now also do cheer leading also do cheerleading. She cheered for the vikings for three and one half years, this was her favorite team that she cheered for. She also cheered for the Jets for one year, and is currently cheering for infinity.
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She started when she saw a flier at her old school. She thought that it sounded interesting. She liked doing track because of all the hard work that went into the running. The downside of to her was that she ran out of breath quickly
Another sport that simone worked on was boxing, Simone was a good boxer. But she did not like doing it. “It made me frustrated,” she did not like boxing because it was a lot of work and she got hurt.
This shows that Simone johnson has had many sports, that she has participated in and enjoyed but she also has had a few sports that she disliked. But over all she liked cheerleading the best of all the other sports that she has done in her life. Simone has inspired her sisters and has run with her
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