Simple Machines Make Work Easier

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General Introduction to Machines The concept behind simple machines is to create a system that makes it easier to do work, which can be done by multiplying either the force or the speed/displacement and dividing either the force or the speed/displacement ( Compound machines are just when multiple simple machines are combined so that they work together ( Machines have mechanical advantages which apply how much force is being used by the machine ( There are two types of mechanical advantage, actual and ideal. AMA (or actual mechanical advantage) is when the output force is divided by the input force. It is the same for all simple machines. IMA (or ideal mechanical advantage) depends on the type of machine. The general idea of IMA is to divide some kind of input distance by the output distance, but the specifics of the type of distance are varied. For example, the equation for lever IMA is IMA = l_i/l_o . Along with the mechanical advantage, a machine can be a multiplier and divider. A force multiplier means that the output force will be larger than the input force. Force multipliers also can be called speed/displacement dividers because the output speed/displacement is smaller than the input speed/displacement. Speed multipliers are the opposite of force multipliers. They create a larger output speed/displacement than the original input speed/displacement. Similar to force
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