Simple Open Ended Questions

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The shadow health assignments make one think in a simple yet complicated way. Compound questions cannot be asked, at times we forget that when asking questions to our patients and think that they are medically savvy. Simple open ended questions is the way to go. The shadow assignments are lengthy but when I started them and didn’t get into the appropriate questions, my scores were low. Able to see the progression of learning and interviewing in a way that flows and addresses each system correctly. One must do a system review with each complaint that a patient comes with, because it can be related to some other issue that is currently happening. L. Pepper stipulates that there are 8 ways to help your Doctor make the right diagnosis, they…show more content…
Bring your medications: At times patients and families place the wrong medications in bottles and take something that they should not be on, or omit something that they should be takin.
5. Describe your symptoms: Go in inform your physician or NP what you are feeling. For instance one should state that one has pain in the ear instead of stating that one has an ear infection. This will avoid instilling a diagnosis to the examiner.
6. Be specific about your symptoms: Keep a journal of when the problem occurs and what makes it worse or better. For example if one is stating that one has diarrhea, how many episodes, and its color and if it occurs after eating.
7. Ask your doctor what to expect: If one is diagnosed with an infection or stomach virus, ask when should I feel better? What should I look for to tell me that I am getting worse?
8. Questions, questions and questions: Ask the doctor, what is needed for you to come to a conclusion of what I have? Ask for a second opinion. “Good doctors are not threatened by a second opinion. In fact, they’re strengthened by it.” (Pepper, n.d.) I have enjoyed the shadow assignments and what they have to offer. It is such a great way to learn when one is not attending a college class
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