Simplified Acquisition Procedures: IFB or. RFP

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IFB versus RFP The use of simplified Acquisition procedure has become an easy and apt tool of responding to the needs of the client. The widely adhered to simplified acquisition threshold (SAT) is $300,000, however there are a few exemptions and our case here fits into the exemption. Apparently any such purchases that exceed the SAT but not exceeding $500,000 can be approved but must go at least one rung above the contracting officer to the supply chain contracting official (Defense Logistics Agency, 2012). There are basically four ways or approaches towards the simplified acquisition methods; the government officials concerned can pay for a simplified acquisition through cash basis, or through the government-wide purchase card, using the purchase order or blanket purchase agreement. This method involves the companies simply furnishing the contracting officials with quotation which in this case is not binding on the firm till such a time that the company will accept the government's order. Taking into account that the solar panels will take time to supply and install unlike other goods that are ferried and dropped and cash pay or use of government wide purchase cards are used as modes of payment, this particular one will fit best in a purchase order issued to our company and in response we recognize and accept the order hence making it binding and the installation process commences. Sealed bidding or negotiated procurement? In this case I would prefer use of the

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