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In-game username: SimplyBrandon1

Age: 13 (nearly 14)

Gender: Male

Location and Timezone: UK (Greenwich Mean Time Zone UTC +00)

How many staff applications have you made, when was your last application made?
I have made four staff applications in the past. The most recent was 28th October 2015

How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing since the 6th of June 2013:
[ IMG]

How long have you been playing on the server? The Its Jerry And Harry Network was one of the first servers I ever went on. This means probably just before July 2013.

How active are you on the Server? Recently, I have been inactive for quite inactive. however, I am now coming back and hope to be really active. I can play a lot on the server and Help
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I think these are good properties to have as a helper because since I am QUIETLY confident, it means that people don't see me as big headed, I can be confident when I want too, but I can also sit in the crowd, and not make any noise. The fact I am positive is good because no-one likes a negative person, it drains the mood of everyone else they meet, and if you are positive, it has the opposite effect. the fact that I am persuasive is also good because it means I can get someone to do something, without getting mad, or offending any one. I can't really see why being a good motivator would help as a helper, but it is still a skill I have. I know I don't need to tell you these, because if this does get accepted you will see for your-self, but it gives you an idea of what I am like before you make any decisions. Finally I just want to say, it would be my dream come true to get the chance to be a member of staff on the Jerry And Harry network, not only is it something I want to do, it is something I couldn't even dream of. This server is the server where I learnt almost everything I know about minecraft. It is like my Minecraft

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