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Week 5- Weekly Reflection- Team C Martez Blackmon, Rhonda Mayer, Stephen Ping & Danya Ramos BIS/320 Professor Rubin Throughout the weeks our team has recognized the effects and methods to managing the system development within our bookstore. It’s true that the bookstore has endured growing pains of ways to better secure their information as well as the sensitive information of their customers. Our team has analyzed better ways to conduct our business as well as the processing methods that will be improved to meet our needs. By examining our business process we had to identify the functions that were causing problems or raising cost, rising risks or basically wasting time. This demand created an open opportunity to make our…show more content…
Inventory is the biggest investment of the business and the performance of the inventory can determine whether the store succeeds or fails. We have chosen a different supply strategy as a method to save on cost. This method will require our publishers to ship books directly to the store which will save on our shipping expenses. Another implied method we will be using is a plan of Inventory management; this plan will help with overspending and keep a better track of organization within our supply and demand of items as well as an updated tracking system. By implying these methods our services will become more organized and more easily maintained. By looking ahead and surrounding our store with improved methods that will highlight our changing business environment, we hope to surpass our old obstacles such as a lack in our inventory management system and system security. These changes will in turn pave a more technical way that our store can function and be managed to best fit the needs of our customers. By advancing our systems and services will give long term affects and aid in meeting the needs of our business and by taking advantage of these changes will help our bookstore run more efficiently. Developing ways to configure maximum benefits is a top priority. This effort will not only expand our business to better avenues but raise our customer service to a new level of
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