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In the marketplace business fundamentals simulation, I was asked to create a company that sells computers with specified components in which a certain target market requested. I created a company named MEGA Intel Computers and my target market was the Workhorse and Mercedes segments. During the first quarter, I was required to decide on corporate responsibilities, review market research, design two brands (MEGA One and MEGA Two), establish corporate and strategic goals, and open a sales office, as well as build a plant for manufacturing. During this quarter I focused on keeping expenses minimal but resourceful since manufacturing was just beginning. In the second quarter of the business simulation, I focused on presenting my products…show more content…
Work cell production method Work cell methods have proven to be an effective method of production, where it reduces material, improves employee movement, makes inspections easier, and it enhances communication. It will allow MEGA Intel to limit the number of employees working at a given time, saving on overtime costs. All employees will be properly trained to assist each other while in the assigned work cell, and training over better material usage and maintenance will be provided. By integrating a work cell production method, MEGA Intel computers can easily control manufacturing processes and employee efficiency; however, bottleneck operations can easily constrain the workflow. To keep bottlenecking from being a major problem, MEGA Intel employees will be cross-trained and multitasking machines will be readily available to correct problems and correct the production process. Quality assurance goals Business goals must be a priority and main focus when strategizing on quality assurance. The final product must be a complete representation of MEGA Intel’s product designs, which includes customer needs and wants. To be certain, a quality control process must be in effect. For example, MEGA Intel’s business goal may be to increase productivity or efficiency in various ways without compromising costs or incurring excessive, unnecessary expenses. The quality assurance team is
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