Simulation In Nursing Case Study

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1. According to McGonigle and Mastrian, (2012), the use of simulation to allow students to interact with technology has become part of nursing school curriculum. Simulation in nursing school helps students to learn what is expected in a real clinical situation. Simulations create scenarios where nursing students can manipulate variables and make a clinical decision after seeing the results. 3D simulation can mimic the real clinical situation and encourage students to make decisions they would make at work. Students can learn skills such as blood draws, intravenous or foley insertion, wound care and medication administration with no fear of causing harm. The simulations enable students to learn how to pass medication safely (Harris, Pittiglio,…show more content…
Across the United States of America, hospitals encourage incorporation of technologies in their daily operations. One component of the so-called “Meaningful use,” is a promotion of EHR use by healthcare providers (McGonigle & Mastrian 2012). New healthcare organizations must embrace technology because it promotes organization growth, efficiency, lower costs and increased profits. My organization opened its doors for business a year ago, and the managers are still pondering on what technology incorporate in its daily operation. The company still uses old fashion paper charting which is vulnerable to high costs and medical errors. We use non-certified computer templates for progress notes, and there is no network communication between departments. For instance, the internal medicine has no access to the psychiatric or psychology department records and vice versa. Introducing EHR in this organization can improve the quality of care and probably cut operational costs. Harnessing technology such as electronic medical records, use of Pyxis machines, e- scribing and eradicate interoperability between departmental computers can improve daily operation and provide seamless patient care. Tools such as e-library can be used for patient education
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